Wireless Charger

With one-stop electronic and mechanical manufacturing capabilities, we make1,000,000 pcs of wire charger per year.

Precision  Manufacturing Capability at Mechanical

We have been keeping our strength at mechanical design and manufacturing. Our facility is equipped with mold making machine(like CNC, EDM, milling, wire cutting machines, etc), injection machines, and metal part fabrication machines.(like lathe, drilling, milling machines…). Meanwhile we have the stage of art measurement machines for quality control( CMM, projector, micrometer, caliper, and pin gauges), make each components and process inspected prior to any process. We check dimensions and tolerance strictly according to customer specification.

Part Qualification Prior to Mass Production

Prior to mass production, we get all of mechanical and electronic parts inspected for dimensional, appearance, and functional. We grade our dimension control by critical, control, and normal dimensions. While part qualification, all of critical and control dimensions must be inspected and past by SPC and PPAP, so as to make sure our manufacturing system is consistent.

If dimension inspection is past, we move the qualification for appearance check and functional test. It enables the best quality parts will be used while mass production.

Standard Operational Procedure

While pilot run process, our manufacturing engineering would work out a standard operational procedure to guide operators to work correctly and efficiently. Any of step will be illustrated and detailed-described with instructional guidance, which is also a faulty-proof step for any new operators. Being a high quality contract manufacturer, it’s a necessary way to improve both turnout and quality. I you have any project to run, please just contact us.

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