Vacuum Cleaner for Car

With in-house engineering and manufacturing team, we make high quality of vacuum cleaner for worldwide clients.

Project Story:

We make this vacuum cleaner for a China local clients with large manufacturing volume. from prototyping, engineering, mold making, plastic injection parts, to product assembly.


Quality Control:

Strict tolerance control for each component

We understand the importance of tolerance for each component, for any of our project, we take strict tolerance control for each part. Our manufacturing engineer will work with clients to check out if all critical features are reasonably defined with tolerance. Normally for some critical dimension and control dimension, we encourage to use +/-0.05, and +/-0.1 for less critical dimensions. If higher grade of dimension, we might use tighter tolerance. It is the original warranty to enable

Professional measurement and test team for part inspection

We have 5 professional QC with 8 years of measurement experience in operating various kind of measuring tools. Like CMM, projector, micrometer, pin gauges, Our QC people work for both incoming material inspection and out-coming goods inspection. And make sure all of part, material, and finished products are all in-spec.

Again, we are experienced contract manufacturer, if you need any contract manufacturing service from China, please just contact us.

our CE
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5 UL

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