Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Companies in China

Inno Manufacturing is a professional contract manufacturing companies located in Shenzhen China, providing one-stop contract manufacturing services for electro-mechanical products manufacturing services to global clients. We work through from product design, engineering, prototyping, mold making, injection molding, metal fabrication, assembly, until logistics professionally.

Founded in 2001, Quality certified under ISO9001-2018 quality system, Inno Manufacturing is a vertically integrated, full service supplier with 300 plus staff operating in a state of the art 8,000 s/m of facility. With rich experience and vast resource, we guarantee your products would be made at us with consistent quality, fast turnaround, and competitive price!

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Here below we also listed the top 10 contract manufacturing companies in China for your reference:

No. #1. Foxconn (富士康科技集团)

Foxconn is well-known as the top electronic contract manufacturing company in China, which started business in Taiwan, China in 1974 and invested in mainland China since 1988. It is an internationally renowned electronic foundry company and the world’s largest electronics industry technology manufacturing service provider. It specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of 3C products such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics. It has a wide range of digital content, A high-tech enterprise in the development and application of automotive components, channels, cloud computing services, and new energy &new materials.

Original Location: Taiwan, China

Number of Employee: 800,000

Expertise: Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive

Company URL:

No.#2. BYD Electronics (比亚迪电子有限公司)

BYD Electronics was established in Shenzhen China in 1995 and listed in Hong Kong in 2007. It is the world’s leading platform-based high-end contract manufacturing company in China. Focus on business areas such as smart phones and laptops, new smart products, automotive smart systems, and medical health.

BYD was originally developed from professional battery manufacturer, and nowadays it has its own brand of “BYD” car.

Original Location: mainland, China

Number of Employee:90,000

Expertise: Laptop, Smart phone, Automotive, Battery

Company URL:

No.#3. Pegatron Corporation Technology Company (和硕联合科技股份有限公司)

Pegatron corportation is one of the most famous electronic contract manufacturer in Tanwan with factories in Suzhou China, known as one stop product development and manufacturing company for wide ranges of products, like consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication products, Iot products, smart phone, and so on. Pegtron has strong capabilities on computer designing and manufacturing.

Original Location: Tanwan, China

Number of Employee:90,000

Expertise: Consumer Electronics, Robot, Smart phone, Automotive Electroincs, Iot Products, communication products.

Company URL:

No. #4. Flextronic China (伟创力制造(中国)有限公司)

Flextronic was originally founded in Singapore in 1969, a world-renowned ODM professional foundry company. It has 28 subsidiaries that located in 8 different provinces in China, Flextroinc is the world’s largest electronic contract manufacturing service provider, and an electronic manufacturing service provider focusing on providing innovative design and manufacturing services for automotive, defense industry manufacturing, medical and technology companies , Committed to becoming a trusted partner for global technology, supply chain and manufacturing solutions.

Original Location: Singapore

Number of Employee:140,000

Expertise: Automotive Electroincs, medical products, military products, consumer electroincs

Company URL:

No. #5. Jabil (捷普投资(中国)有限公司)

Jabil is an US company that established in 1966 originally, a Fortune 500 company in the United States, a global product solutions company, a manufacturing solution provider that provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services, and its business covers computer peripherals, data transmission, automation and consumer products, etc. Large-scale electronic foundry companies in multiple fields, converging strategically in 100 factories around the world

In 2006, Jabil started its China factory in Shanghai. And developed branches in Guangzhou, ChengDu, Suzhou, and so so.

Original Location: Shanghai, China

Number of Employee:45,000

Expertise:  PC accessories, automotive, consumer electronics

Company URL:

No. #6. Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd (立讯精密工业股份有限公司)

Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 with headquarter in DongGuang China.  a global designer and manufacturer of cable assembly and connector system solutions for consumer, automotive, cloud, and enterprise applications. It’s also a mobile phone OEM manufacturer for some big brands, like Iphone, Huawei, Xiaomei, etc.

Original Location: Shenzhen, China

Number of Employee:78,000

Expertise:  Automotive, consumer electronics, Medical Products, Communication products.

Company URL:

No. #7. USI Global (环旭电子股份有限公司)

USI was founded in 2003 in Shanghai China, an electronic design and manufacturing service provider that provides electronic product design, miniaturization, material procurement, manufacturing, logistics and maintenance services for communications, computers and storage, consumer electronics, industrial and medical and automotive

Original Location: Shanghai, China

Number of Employee: 5,000

Expertise: WiFiADSL,WiMAX, LED Lighting & Inverter, Bar Code, Scanner, Disk Drive Assembly

Company URL:

No. #8. Wistron(纬创资通有限公司)

Wistron is one of the top three contract manufacturers of laptop in China, its main clients are Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, etc. Nowadays, its business covers ables, connectors, motors, wireless charges,FPCs, antennas, and acoustic and electronic modules. Wistron has two main factories in ZhongShan and KunShan China.

Original Location: Taiwan, China

Number of Employee: 45,000

Expertise: Laptop, connectors, motors, wireless charges,FPCs, antennas, and acoustic and electronic modules.

Company URL:

No. #9. SANMINA China(四海电子有限公司)

Sanmina (China) electronic LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanmina-SCI, a Fortune 500 company in the United States. It is the world’s leading diversified and international contract manufacturer of electronic products. Headquartered in California, USA, with a registered capital of 100 million US dollars, it mainly produces transaction automation products , Develop related software, process and manufacture printed circuit board combinations, electronic system devices, provide electronic product design, manufacturing and sales and other related services; products related to personal computers, aerospace industry, defense systems, semiconductor telecommunications, automobiles, medical and entertainment facilities, etc. Many fields

Original Location: USA

Number of Employee: 50,000

Expertise: Laptop, communication products

Company URL:

No. #10. Inventec(英业达股份有限公司)

Founded in Taiwan in 1975, it is a world-renowned server manufacturer and notebook computer manufacturer, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of computers, consumer electronics, mobile communications and other fields. Starting from computers and telephones, we have laid a solid foundation on the foundry of notebook computers and servers. Now we are investing in high-tech products such as cloud computing, wireless communications, network applications, application software and green energy.

Original Location: Taiwan China

Number of Employee: 15,000

Expertise: Laptop, communication products, consumer electronics

Company URL: