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Based on Shenzhen China, we offer one-stop and high quality contract manufacturing services for both electronic and mechanical products.


image of our manufacturing siteInno manufacturing company is a professional contract manufacturer based on Shenzhen China, provide high quality contract manufacturing  services for global clients.

Founded in 2001, certificated with ISO9001-2008 quality system, our manufacturing facility covers about 3500 square meters in size, with convenient transportation of factory location that close to Shenzhen airport.

At present, we have 80 well-trained staff including project managers, product designers, operators, QC, and logistic staff. we work through project from design to manufacturing.

Our mission is to help worldwide small and medium size companies to save manufacturing cost while not sacrificing product quality  and intellectual property protection.

Our Facility

As we know, machine, people and experience are the most three important factors to build a high quality products.  As a professional contract manufacturer, we were facilitated with state of the art equipment and tools. Up to now, we have invested over 7.5 million RBM(about USD $1.2 million) on our manufacturing site. Here below is our machine list:

  • CNC Machines: 6 Sets
  • Injection Molding Machines: 15 Sets
  • CMM:  1 Set
  • Projectors: 3 Sets
  • Production Lines: 2 Lines

Our Capabilities

Product assemblyInno manufacturing is a full contract manufacturing services provider that works through from product design, engineering, prototype, parts manufacturing(for both mechanical and  electronics), assembly, to logistics.

Based on Shenzhen, the largest manufacturing harbor in South China. we are easy-to-access all kind of manufacturing resources, people, and information, which would be a strong advantage to challenge any of projects as needed.

With decade of contract manufacturing experience, we have successfully developed and manufactured 250 projects from over 10 different industries that includes automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial product, home appliance, Iot products, etc.

Our Team

We understand strong team is the core factor to boost project and avoid risks. Inno manufacturing has a clear sense to build strong team. At present, Inno team is grouped with 1 general manager, 3 project mangers, 1 QC manager, and 6 project engineers All of them have at least 15 years of experience at product manufacturing and product development industry. few of them had a long work experience at global top 500 companies before. This is why we are confident to serve our clients confidently.

Each of our team member has a clear career plan to continuously improving both their personal capability. At Inno manufacturing, we have comprehensive job training plan for each staff, which makes them to create company value and realize person goals successfully. 

Mission Statement

missionWith decade of product design and manufacturing experience, we focus on one-stop product development and contract manufacturing service. Our mission is to help worldwide small and medium size companies to design and manufacture the best quality products. With this mission, we aimed to become the leading China contract manufacturer. We will make a your product dream reality easily!

Need a Reliable Contract Manufacturer?

We are the right place for global contract manufacturing services.

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Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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    HengFeng Industrial Zone, Baoan, Shenzhen, China

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