Quick and low-cost of prototyping service

As an one-stop contract manufacturer and OEM services company, we provide full prototyping services including 3D printing, CNC machining, SLA,SLS, and vacuum casting prototypes with quick delivery and low cost.

image of prototype

Prototyping is a custom-made model based on 3D drawing. Most of our clients requires 1~3 times of prototyping before mass production. Because prototyping itself is a quite small volume of manufacturing, this is why prototyping is normally a little expensive.   However we have a small prototyping centre, which consists of 5 people, and we make the facility running cost much lower than other manufacturers, in this way, we can provide clients very low cost prototyping services.

Normally our cost can be 30% of cost cheaper than other contract manufacturing companies. If you have any prototype project to run, you are welcome to contact us for a free quote.


Making a prototype to validate your design

image of prototype sampleAfter a product design is ready, it’s an essential to make some prototypes to validate if the feasibility and design conflicts of your design, so as to improve and optimize a better design work. Most of time, we try to make prototypes same as the design for material and structure, which can completely simulate how the real products will be while the mold tooling has not started.

If you disregard this process, you might loose money for lots of unnecessary engineering changes and mold tooling modification in later stage. This is why we highly emphasize the importance of making prototypes to verify our design.


Making a prototype to show your investor, partner, and customer

If you are urgent to show a physical models to your investor, business partner, or customers, while the real products has not been ready, it’s good idea to make prototypes to show them. Because the prototypes can be ready in few days even less. By using these prototypes, you can collect valuable feedback from your target audience, then get your products optimized again.


It’s necessary to make prototype for validation while engineering change

Engineering change is a common sense for any project. However some of them might not be necessary or correct way to solve problem. At this time, a prototype will be useful to check out how it will work properly. Especially, if your change is related a mold tooling modification, you should be very seriously verify the change by making prototypes. It will greatly avoid some engineering mistakes and inaccurate troubleshooting solutions.