20 years of engineering experience to conduct project quickly and risk-free

picture of product development

As we know, experience is the only way to accelerate project speed and avoid unnecessary risk. Inno manufacturing company has more than 20 years of experience in product design and manufacturing services. We have a 15-people of engineering team that consists of senior product designer, project manager, manufacturing engineering, and quality manager. Our team has rich engineering experience in diverse industries, some of them has used to work in the world fortune 500 companies, which makes us strong enough to challenge any type of technology.

Our expertise industry covers automotive, medical, beauty device, consumer electronics. If you have any brainstorm or existing project, you are welcome to contact us for help.

Full engineering capability for both mechanical and electronics

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  • Product design and development
  • Industrial design
  • Prototyping
  • Electronic design, PCB, SMT
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal parts fabrication
  • Contract assembly
  • Pilot run and production

We make good balance for quality, cost, and efficiency

When we start with a project, we take deep consideration for product quality, so as to ensure top user feeling. This is our first value for any project, however, cost and efficiency are also very important to a business. In this time, it requires us to work out a balance among them. We will try to make product as top quality, cost effective, and high manufacturing efficiency.

We make everything neat to satisfy end users

We understand that our customers also have customer to expect the product to be delivered at high quality, timing lead-time, and valuable price. Our dedicating team embedded this mission from very beginning of a project, consider everything clearly and consistently for the end users.

Design and manufacture project in-house with low cost

We are full service provider that work through the whole product process from design to finished products. And making your products with lowest manufacturing cost.

Our facility is located in Shenzhen China, one of the top industry and innovation city in China, we design and manufacture projects in-house, making our cost effective and flexible for our clients. Meanwhile, we are not a big company, and we don’t have too much cost at administration and facility running. It makes us cost effective to survive in today’s competitive market.

Normally our offer is at least 30% cost cheaper than other contract manufacturing companies. If you have any project to run, please just contact us.

Skillful Project Management Keeps Porject On-track & On Schedule:

Project management is one of the critical process for a new product design and development. Before a project a kicked off, our dedicating project managers would create a detail project plan to define the project timeline, targets, and quality checkpoints. Making sure each milestones, specifications, and challenges are properly overcomed.

Our project managers is highly-skilled at project management, they have lots of years experience in both technical and management. Deploying and following-up every details to ensure projects from design to final products manufacturing. We keep our project management transparent by sharing our progress and status weekly or daily if necessary.