How Does Our OEM Manufacturing Service Work?

As a professional contract manufacturer and OEM factory, our facility is certificated with ISO 9001 and TS16949 quality system. we have over 20 years of experience in OEM manufacturing and contract manufacturing services.

When we are asked to provide a OEM manufacturing services, we proactively encourage our clients to sign a NDA with us to protect their intellectual property and other business information. Our sales manager will deeply communicate with clients on product function, prospective, material, appearance, and other specifications.

Our facility is grouped with 80 well-trained operators and manufacturing engineers, we work closely with clients to meet cost, quality, and  lead-time objectives from single part to final assembly products.

Our Price:

since we are China local manufacturing company, our running cost is much lower than US nor Europe manufacturers. Normally our offer is about 50% cheaper than them.

Our Quality:

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we know the importance of product quality to our clients. We control our product quality from  raw material to final packaging that enables our clients would receive workable and well-packaged products.

Our Work Timeline:

Once an OEM project is started, our project manager would plan a detail schedule. Normally it takes about 2~3 months for a ordinate project from mold tool making to final products completion. However for some complicated project, the timing would be longer.

our OEM serviceOur OEM Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Prototyping
  • Mold Making
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Die Casting
  • CNC Machining Parts
  • PCBA &SMT of Electronic Parts
  • Contract Assembly and Package
  • Logistic Service

Why Choose Our Service?

  1. We are flexible to work with clients for any stage of a project
  2. No MOQ is requested for startup clients
  3. Engineering change is easily performed at us
  4. We help client to verify and optimize design
  5.  We advise reasonable part material and manufacturing tolerance

What is OEM Manufacturing?

OEM manufacturing means Original equipment manufacturing services that happens between a manufacturing company  and a hiring company to produces parts, components, or completion products.

The hired company pay for the manufacturing cost to the manufacturing company, but the manufacturing doesn’t have any rights to sell or disposal of the products. For example, Foxconn is the biggest OEm manufacturer in the world, if Foxconn makes Iphone for Apple company, then Foxconn is a OEM manufacturer Apply company.

How to Find a Right OEM Company?

Even though there is no a fixed rule to find a right OEM company each business, since your business might vary from different size and different business model. So we just would like to share some typical tips to help small and medium size companies to look for a right OEM manufacturing partner. Here below are some useful steps for reference:

  1. Try to find some OEM manufacturers from internet, fairs, or word-mouth.
  2. Sort out 3~5 potential OEM companies and make a list of their phone, email, address, and contract person.
  3. If possible, visit those OEM companies in person to evaluate their capabilities, factory size, facility, annual turnout, and main customers.
  4. Give them a score after your evaluation, and try to send a RFQ to evaluate their offer so as you can finalize which partners you might choose.(NDA is needed prior to sending any information)
  5. Require sample services from 1~2 OEM company.
  6. Based on the sample, you can finalize your choice by cost and quality that they offered.