Image of our electronic design teamExperienced Electronic Design Team

To produce high quality products, we hired most sophisticated electronic designers  who have over 15 years of experience in electronic design and manufacturing. Our engineers and project managers transfer customer’s idea and specifications into design concept,  working closely with clients to define product functions, electronic deployment, structure, components, etc. And comprehensively consider all factors of electronic design and get good balance on product function, quality, cost, and manufacturing efficiency.

We take each project seriously and responsibly whatever the project is small and big. And try our best efforts to optimize the best design until mass production.


Image of electroic prototypingFull Prototyping Validation to Ensure Quality Products

When we are asked to make a prototype based on customer design drawing, or our own design job is finalized, we make prototypes to verify our design and system for both electronic and mechanical sections. We will get prototype assembled and tested to check if the function can be achieved accordingly, if the fitting is in best suitable position, and as well as the reliability for the whole system. By creating prototypes, our designer can optimize the repeatability and traceable evolutionary stages of product design. And ensure the best products to be launched in the market.

Image of smt and pcabFlexible PCB Assembly and SMT Service

We offer a wide series of solutions for PCB design and assembly. With our own electronic facility in house. We are flexible to serve both low-volume and high volume PCB assembly services. For over 15 years of experience, we have established our strength to meet the unique and diverse needs of global customers

Inno manufacturing company provide professional SMT services with low cost and fast delivery. We have most advanced SMT machines, it makes us flexible to work for both prototype and mass production with quick response and low cost. Our expertise engineers and operators have rich experience in all kind of PCB board, we can conduct both single  and dual side SMT assembly with  highly integrated combinations.

Certificate with CE, UL,  FCC, TUV for All Products

Since we serve clients from all over the world, especially from Europe and USA, all of products comply with international quality standard, like CE, UL, FCC, TUV, etc, which are embedded into our whole team from design to manufacturing. Before shipping, our QA people will check out the full products based on relative quality standard, and make sure all of out-going goods are in accordance with the local market standard.

Image of contract assemblyStrict Quality Control For Mass Production

We are an ISO9001 qualified system based on Shenzhen China, grouped with 80 well-trained operators, engineers, and project managers. We have special quality education program for our team members including both first line of operators and engineering team. And keep them updated with most advanced quality knowledge and skills.

Our quality control starts from every beginning of product design, incoming material inspection, process monitor, to final products packaging and logistic services. What we do is just to prevent any potential quality risk to come up as early as possible. In case there is some un-anticipating issues, we will arise a emergent troubleshooting procedure, and ensure all of products we products are 100% in spec.