Quality-driven Contract Manufacturing & Product Assembly Services

Inno manufacturing, a turnkey contract manufacturing company in Shenzhen China sincce 2001,  our factory has been certificated with ISO9001-2018 quality system, we provide high quality contract manufacturing and OEM product assembly services for global clients.

At present, we have 80 well-trained staff including project managers, product designers, operators, QC, and logistic staff. We work projects from engineering, prototyping, pilot run, to mass production.

If any product development job needed,  our product design and engineering team is capable of working through from your idea to mass production.  This is also to cater some of our clients who has less technical background and look for one stop product development and manufacturing service.

One-stop Contract Manufacturing and Product Assembly Service:

picture of our manufacturing site

  • Product Design and Engineering
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Mold Tool Making
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Die Casting & CNC Machining
  • PCBA &SMT of Electronic Parts
  • Product Assembly Service
  • Quality Control and Global Logistic Service


Our Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Procedure:

flow-chart-of-contract manufacturing service


Controllable and Traceable Production Management 

image of product planWe Make Mold Tooling and Injection Molding In-house:

As we know, mold tool is one of the most important process to make higher quality products. We hired sophisticated mold makers who have over 20 years of mold making experience on various kind of injection mold fabrication. This is the first step to make accurate and quality plastic parts. At moment, we have 8 tool makers and 15 people of injection molding operators.

At Inno manufacturing, we have both mold shop and injection molding shop in-house, which is convenient and time-saving for production. It greatly shorten our lead-time. Meanwhile, it’s easier to control the quality compared to outsourcing an injection molding supplier.

Experienced Operators Make Better Products:

We understand operators are the final product producers that assemble and pack products. High-skilled operators will definitely produce higher quality products. This is why we have been trying to improve our operators’ skills. We conduct employee training by annually, quarterly, and monthly. Making sure they are qualified and in best condition for work.

Whole Manufacturing Process Control Until Shipment :

Needless to say, product quality is the most important concern for any business. We make every our effort to deliver as higher quality product as possible. We take strictly quality control from raw material to finished products. Each process are 100% controlled and monitored. If any defect product found, we can quickly track the whole process and find out root cause quickly.


Comprehensive Quality Control Measures

image of quality mangementDimensional Measurement:

Prior to any production, we will get our components/parts qualification by means of SPC, FA, APAP inspection process. and make sure any of our process are correctly and accurately achieved.

Normally our production engineering will outline dimensions into critical dimension, control dimension, and ordinate dimension. We focus on more energy on critical dimension and control dimension since they are fitting and function positions.

Assembly & Function Testing

During part quality and pilot run process, our QC engineer will perform assembly and function test to check if our products are correctly produced.  If any defects found, we will initiate correction plan immediately.

100% of Cosmetic Inspection

Before shipping, our process QA inspector will perform 100% of final products. it greatly avoid any unnecessary lost and waste of time. So that our clients will receive zero defects rate products.


Scientific Engineering and Project Management

image of projecct managementStep by step from design, engineering, prototyping, pilot run, until mass production

Our engineers work carefully and systematically from product design, engineering, prototyping, pilot run, until mass production. It’s a practical measure to prevent projects from risks and avoid unnecessary mistakes to happen.

All of engineering document, material, and sample are well-managed

We understand engineering is a scientific process. any of our work process must be traceable and controllable. We get all of engineering drawing, material, sample recorded and restored. If any thing changed, our documentation staff will release relative document to notify people who are related to .

Result and Time-oriented Project Management

Project management is one of the most important process to deliver quality products, to deliver our manufacturing excellence, we hired most sophisticated project managers and project engineers who has over 15 years of experience on project management. With a target of result and time-oriented, we plan, schedule, and follow up each project from begin to end. Making sure every our project on time, on track, and on budget.