Rat Cage for Laboratory

We are professional contract manufacturer for diverse kind of IVC/tall rat cage manufacturing. Our capabilities include plastic injection molding, metal net caging, package, and logistics.

Project Story:

Since 2004, we have been playing a rat cage contract manufacturer for our US and Italy clients. They are very famous laboratory equipment brands in the world. For a big customer demands , we consistent deliver over 250,000 pcs of disposable rat cages and 150,000 sets of assembled cage cabinets per months.

Most of rat cage are made of plastic injection molding process, we have our own injection molding shop, which enables us to control the product quality and lead-time very efficiently. This is we can meet a 98% of punctual shipment from our factory in Shenzhen China.

Our on site QC perform 100% of quality inspection based on dimension, appearance, and function test. Getting the defective rate controlled under 1%.

Why choose us as your rat cage manufacturer?

  1. We served rat cage industries over 15 years.
  2. We are familiar with the most common resin of rat cage industry, such as PET, thin PET, PC, PP, and ABS.
  3. One-stop shop for both metal and plastic components manufacturing.
  4. 100% quality inspection before shipment.
  5. In-house mold making shop, flexible and convenient for mold maintenance.


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Our sophisticated team, state-of-the-art facility, and profound experience will succeed your project smoothly!