Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001 certificated contract manufacturer, applying the strict quality control for any products we make.

Consistent Quality Assurance System

Being a professional contract manufacturer, we deeply understand product quality is a vital factor for any business. This is why we put quality assurance as our top consideration throughout our work. To be exact, we consider product quality from begin to end, which includes DFM design review, incoming material inspection, process monitor and control, and finished product testing.

Inno Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 & TS16949 contract manufacturer with comprehensive quality control systems. We have 8 QC inspectors, 2 QC engineers, and 1 QC manager. They do routine quality evaluations in-house for each project. Our quality plan includes dimensional inspection, appearance check, and function test.

Our aim is to build consistent quality products, and continuously meet or exceed customer expectations, so we can grow with our customers.

What Test We Do?

  • dimension

    Dimension Measurement

    We perform 100% of measurement for all of parts and sub-assembly if there is any critical dimension that need to be be controlled, and do AQL lot inspection for finished products.

  • appearance

    Appearance Check

    Our experienced QC check out both parts' appearance and finished products, to avoid any cosmetic defects flowing to final products - including scratch, dirt, deformation, grease etc.

  • fucton test

    Function Test

    To make sure the finished products will function well, 10~20 sets of finished product will be set aside for function test from each 2 hours of manufacture. 

  • Salt-spray

    Salt-spray and Chemical Resistance

    Products for industrial, marine and/or outdoor use have specific requirements for resilience under salt or other chemical attack - confirmed by regular product testing with manufacturing samples

  • Abrasion test

    Abrasion Resistance Test

    Product exteriors must meet stringent standards of resilience under normal and exceptional use abrasion, and compliance with requirements is evaluated by regular production sampling and test

  • life test

    Life Test

    Many products require life testing or accelerated life testing, using mixed cycles of dry heat, wet heat, cold and vibration while operating. These specialist test methodologies will be particular to classes of product and requirements will be agreed with the client and rigidly adhered to

  • Drop

    Drop Test

    Virtually all products must endure some form of drop testing program - both in shipping (packaged) and in normal and expected abuse. Requirements for each product will be agreed and testing programs performed methodically - and repeatedly to confirm continued compliance

  • vibration

    Vibration Test

    All products are subject to vibration, which must be allowed for the design. Repeat testing of mass produced product will be performed to ensure that this requirement is met or exceeded

  • Transportation

    Transportation Simulation Test

    For products that are to be shipped long distance, it is imperative that the product survives the journey and the packaging protects it in the worst case. An appropriate testing program will be agreed on a per product basis and carried out as often as the client requires.

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