Prototyping & Pilot Run 

We always perform prototyping process before mass production,product design, and engineering changes. 

Prototyping is a Useful Tool to Detect Fault

For many reasons, lots of clients want to move forward their project quickly to market without enough design verification. At Inno manufacturing, we always suggest to performing prototypes to verify customer's design prior to kicking off a project.

As a contract manufacturer, we make prototype and help clients to check out product function, parts fitting, strength, appearance, and assembly process. If any design imperfection or fault found, we will work out improvement solution and send to clients for refine. In this way, we can both improve product function and avoid any cost waste.

If you have just finished your design, and need a DFM or design assistance, you are welcome to contact us for a free project evaluation.

The Function of Prototyping

  • prototype

    Evaluation and Testing of Product

    While coming up with a product idea, no one knows if the concept is feasible or not. It's time to create some prototypes and test out product feasibility, cost, and market acceptance.

  • patent

    Patent Application

    Patent is a very practical method to prevent your intellectual property to be disclosed or copied. Prior to a products move to market, we must make some prototype and apply for your own patent.

  • Design

    Product Design Validation

    Whatever how perfect a design might be, there is always necessary to make some prototypes and verify the product design(including function, structure, fitting, assembly, material, and so on). 

  • Engineering Change-1

    Engineering Change Verification

    For reasons, a product needs to be changed and refined to meet market demands. We must do some prototypes to verify our changes before taking any physical action(mold modification, parts manufacturing, or assembly work)

  • Show Case

    Show Product to Clients

    While early stage of product development process, if you want to show your products to customers and win more interest or orders, it's a good choice to render a prototype to them. This is direct and visible way!

  • Communication

    Useful Communication Tool

    When talk to someone who related to your products or project but not so familiar about the product, showing a physical prototype is a best way when you talk to them orally. 

Why Pilot Run?

Getting Everything Ready for Mass Production

Per our contract manufacturing experience, each project starts from idea to finished products, from small volume to large volume, no one can jump from a concept to large number of manufacturing volume. That's also being said, a pilot run is an essential road to any successful project. By perform a pilot run, we can achieve:

  • All of engineers, QC, workers are more familiar with the products, as well as production process.
  • All of production material would be verified via production trial.
  • By using pilot run, we can also check if our SOP(standard operation procedure) is correctly set up or not.
  • Checking out if all of fixtures, tools, equipment run correctly and smoothly.
 Problem Finding and Product Refine

No project can be perfect before it is comprehensively reviewed and troubleshooted. By performing a pilot run, it's easy to find out a lots of problem on both product design and manufacturing. At Inno manufacturing, we conduct a 100~200 pcs of production trial once we received product order from customer. Here below are what we review from pilot run:

  • Check out if product is reasonably-designed for cost, manufacturing-ability, and fitting.
  • Find out if all of components fit and assemble properly.
  • Check out if parts material is chosen accordingly.
  • Check if finished products function well based on design intention.
  • Check out if any potential failure while a simulation usage test.
  • Check out if packaging design is workable for vibration, shaking, and crash test.


 Obtaining Feedback from Market

After full test of production run, we will submit the pilot run products to client immediately. So that our clients can show the first lot of products to their customer sooner. A follow-up for customer feedback is necessary, we will be aware of customer's opinion on how the products are, and what things we should improve.

Once we collect those comments from customers(or end users), our dedicating team reviews and troubleshoots them for product refining. Normally we will send improvement solution with PPT to customer for review. If this is confirmed, we will move forward to 3D model refine and prototyping process. A step-by-step product refine process will greatly improve product competition.

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