image of Surgery Recorder

As a professional manufacturer, we were asked to help a Italy company to design and manufacture this helmet recorder.

This is a convenient and self-contained camera helmet that used to record the process of a surgery. It provide valuable information for hospital education as well hospital technology development. By using this helmet, a hospital can monitor the operation process or any surgery if needed, and make standard procedure for all of hospital. Sometimes it’s a useful way to improve doctor’s surgery skill while they look-back their work.

This device consists of HD 1080p camera, helmet, and software control. We work through this work from design, prototype, mold tooling, electronic parts, and final product contract manufacturing. We takes lots of energy on product design and engineering compared to manufacturing job, our process starts from innovation, ends by user testing.

Our factory also provide packaging and drop shipping services, so that our clients can focus on their energy on marketing. If you need any contract manufacturing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.