Our Manufacturing Process:

With over 20 years of contract manufacturing experience, we formulate our manufacturing process to make each process standard. So that our system is able to provide consistent and high quality products for our clients. And it also makes our clients confident to work with while they focus on their energy on marketing or business operation.

Here below is our contract manufacturing service process

  1. Work Instruction Preparation

Once a manufacturing job is released from our client, our manufacturing engineering would prepare a work instruction to guide our workers for each manufacturing process. Whatever the operator is a new or old, it is useful roadmap for them to work correctly and efficiently.

  1. Workers Training

We have systematic training procedure to train workers before they move to production line. Our senior manufacturing engineer and product designer would conduct the training to teach some critical knowledge on product function, structure, assembly, material, test method. Meanwhile, we will train our QC how to inspect some quality checkpoints.

  1. Material Preparation

Our production leader will collect all of material from warehouse. Put them on each work station. Surely any of material were inspected and past by our QC inspectors. So that the right and quality material will be used for production.

  1. Tool and Fixture Preparation

We utilize precision fixture and tool for our production line, and make sure the assembly process and test process are consistently achieved. All of fixtures and tools are inspected and calibrated every month.

  1. Mass Production

Mass production is the most critical process for manufacturing, while the flow line is on-going, we have production leader, QC, technicians, engineers online to monitor and control the whole process. Enabling each operation and step are correctly made until best quality product to be produced.