Professional Manufacturer for Juice Extractor

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we explored many different industries. Juice extractor is one of our expertise in the contract manufacturing service. As we served few customers for extractor projects. We learnt lots of experience and skill to make high quality extractor. If you have any similar project to run, you are welcome to contact us for a free project consultation.

Our Price As a low cost of contract manufacturer, we cut down all of unnecessary running cost and make our facility size as smaller as enough. Providing the lowest manufacturing service for global clients. Normally our offer is at least 30% lower than other contract manufacturing companies. This is how our clients benefit from our low cost manufacturing service.

Quality Control We understand product quality is one of the most critical element for any business,  and we take strict quality control for each project from raw material to finished products. At our company, we embedded quality policy and plan in each manufacturing process and make sure high quality product to be manufactured at us.

Lead-time As we know, lead-time is also very important to a project,  our project management team emphasize our efforts to achieve the whole lead-time as well as milestone for each stage, and meet a 98% of on-time delivery time for our clients. Our expert project manager would plan, schedule, and follow up stage by stage, and send update to clients timely. And making project timing transparent and on track.

Project Management

We put project management our road-map for any project. Whatever how complicated your project is, our sophisticated project manager will always work out solution and timeline for your project. Work step by step to handle project from idea, prototype, engineering, and mass production.