Manufacturing for New Products

With full capability of product design, prototyping, injection molding, electronic fabrication, and full product manufacturing. We help small and medium size companies to build their brand quickly and cost-effectively.

You might come up with a good idea or already have your existing design, however there is some gap between product design and manufacturing. Whatever how perfect your design looks like, but there is always a necessary to verify and optimize the design for production. This is how we exist on the market to help you convert it into “ready-to-sell” products.

Our engineering team consists of 5 senior product designers, 3 manufacturing engineers, and 2 project managers. We are able to collaborate with you and your team at any stage of a project, our sophisticated designers have over 20 years of experience in mechanical and electronic design, we can either work as your product designer or product manufacturer. It means our service could be OEM and ODM. If you have your own design, our engineering team will work to check out and validate each component is reasonable for cost, function, and manufacturing process. It help clients proactively avoid lots of project risk and waste of money.


Manufacturing Your Innovation in China with Low Cost

It’s a common sense that product manufacturing cost in Europe and US is much higher than in China, This is why many Western countries look for a Chinese contract manufacturing company when they have a product design scheme. However in recently years, the factory running cost in China has dramatically increased including salary, facility, tax, and other comprehensive cost. So the manufacturing cost gap between China and Western countries is narrowed quickly, but relatively to say, the manufacturing cost for some small factory is still 30% lower Western. For example, our company is a medium-to-small size factory, we don’t have too many administration cost and other commission for brokers. Our running cost is about 30% lower than normal Chinese contract manufacturers. So our clients can benefit from our low cost manufacturing service and make their product more profitable.