picture of facial massaging device

In 2011, we offered product development and contract manufacturing services for this clients from idea to finished products. Making this product at high quality and affordable price. with FDA certificated, this device that used to help facial skin increase blood flow, and make skin more beautiful and younger.


When this device is in use, its vibration motor keeps vibrating on face, it gives good massaging feeling, meanwhile it can also help skin to open pores quickly so as to absorb any cream or other facial products.


How our contract manufacturing service different:


  1. We save 30%~40% of your manufacturing budget while keeping your product quality equal to US and Europe quality standard, as we are China local team and our team member has a long experience in working with global companies. This is why we can get good balance for cost-effective and high-quality.


  1. Our sophisticated engineering team works through your project from ideation to finished products, whatever which stage your project might be, we can always work side-to-side with your team to achieve your target.


  1. We provide fast drop shipping services to global clients, our facility is located in Shenzhen China, next to HongKong, with very convenient shipping network. We are easy to access for both ocean shipping and air shipping.