the picture of dermaroller

Project Story:

In June of 2016, a German client found us as their China contract manufacturer to produce a newer designed product(Derma Roller), it’s really a new item for us for the beginning. The client told us that he found lots of Chinese contract manufacturing companies for this service. None of them can give him a positive answer, because it’s really too professional. (I will explain why it’s so later).

But we carefully evaluate the project challenge while we got this request. Finally we committed to providing product development and manufacturing service for our clients. We began it from DFM, design optimization, prototyping, pilot run, to mass production.


What is Derma Roller?

Derma roller is made of golden or TiN needles, it used to create tiny punctures into skin to help skin regeneration or repair. As you might note, when a body get injured or wounded, the skin is actually damaged. However it will resume again when it get recovered. This is how a derma roller simulate this process and become a popular beauty device for people.


Project challenge:

The most biggest challenge for this project is how to insert 269-needles into a rotative wheel. Since the needle is small as 0.2mm in diameter, and 3~5 mm in length.

We talked to many molding experts about our technical barriers. And no one gave us a workable solution on how to achieve it. We finally strive to design the process and verify it by our self. And got the existing solution eventually.


Project Results:

After one year’s testing and developing, we have optimized and manufactured the best derma roller in the world. Now all of needles are steadily molded in a PC material by injection molding process. It works consistently and looks high quality products. Our clients is very happy with our performance.

So if you are looking for a contract manufacturing company for derma roller project, our company will be your best choice.