We might not be a big manufacturing company for coffee machine, however we had few project experience at this field. And We have necessary knowledge and experience for coffee machine. On the other hand, our low cost manufacturing system will help you save at least 30% of your manufacturing budget.


Special Features of This Coffee Machine:

  • Large outlet volume for over 10 cups of fresh coffee
  • Smart operation system for easy use, you just need to pick up coffee from outlet.
  • Elegant appearance and durable material of stainless steel


DFM Analysis for Full System

After we take over project from our client, our engineering team will hold a meeting to evaluate project risk, difficulty, and challenges. At this stage, a detailed DFM analysis will be performed to check out design and optimize the product.

Based on 3D assembly drawing and BOM, we check product design and analyze product structure, material, performance. As we know, whatever how perfect your design might be, but there is always a necessary to improve and optimize the design for manufacturing. Most of time, a product designer might not be a manufacturing expert, their design always exists some process problem for manufacturing. That is why we always perform a DFM prior to a project is kicked off.


Perfect Design and Manufacturing at Product Structure

We full understand the importance of a product structure, it directly affect product function and interior components location. Our product engineer check carefully for whatever 3D drawing or 2D drawing. Make sure all of components fit together neatly without any conflict, and check out each tolerance from 2D drawing is reasonably defined in accordance with part function, assembly, and manufacturing cost.