Body Temperature Tester

Project Story:

In the October of 2013, a China local hospital hired us as their contract manufacturing partner to produce this non-touch electronic tester. Since we did not directly serve for a hospital previously, we worked with them very seriously and hope this cooperation will increase our influence at Chinese local market.

Actually it’s a not big project, we  delivered the first lot of products with 3 months, and you can see this product widely used China local hospitals.


Product Introduction:

Body temperature testing a common way to measure and monitor people’s body temperature. It’s widely used in the hospital and home application. Non-touch tester is an advanced electronic device for temperature measuring. It’s specially needed for some public check station, like custom station, school, hospital. As this device gives fast data reading and non-touch feeling. On the other hand, non-touch tester is particularly used for babies and children who can’t withstand long period testing process. This is why non-touch tester is highly welcomed in the market.

We manufactured this device for our clients with FDA and CE certificates, the whole manufacturing process includes DFMEA, prototyping, injection molding, assembly, and testing in house. As a high quality contract manufacturing company, we control the product quality from incoming material, part qualification, assembly, and final product testing. So that we provided the best workable products for clients.


What is our special manufacturing service?

  1. We are flexible to work for your project whatever which stage your project might be, as we have our own product design and manufacturing team, and we are able to participate your project anytime.
  2. No MOQ required from us. As a China local contract manufacturer, we provide low-volume manufacturing service, instead of US or Europe contract manufacturing companies, who would prefer to work with high volume projects.
  3. Engineering change is easy at us. It’s a common process to improve product by modifying components or system. It related to engineering document, drawings, and mold tooling, so many contract manufacturing would not accept frequent changes. However we are open-minded to accept this revisions.

If you have any idea or existing product to produce, please don’t hesitate to contact us for free project evaluation. We will be good choice of contract manufacturing company in China. Contact us now and benefit your business earlier.