Product Design and Engineering

We have a 15-people of engineering team that consists of senior product designer, project manager, manufacturing engineering, and quality manager. Our team has rich engineering experience in diverse industries, some of them has used to work in the world fortune 500 companies, which makes us strong enough to challenge any type of technology.



Prototyping is a custom-made model based on 3D drawing. Most of our clients requires 1~3 times of prototyping before mass production. Because prototyping itself is a quite small volume of manufacturing, this is why prototyping is normally a little expensive.   However we have a small prototyping centre, which consists of 5 people, and we make the facility running cost much lower than other manufacturers, in this way, we can provide clients very low cost prototyping services.


Contract Manufacturing

We provide professional contract manufacturing service with the most economical and reliable production solutions. Prior to production, our dedicating team will review and evaluate the product design and specifications that released from clients, and ensure the most reasonable process will be applied .

Our team also provide full project management to keep each project on track and on schedule, we work through mold tooling, PCBA, metal fabrication, and final product manufacturing. And get project updated weekly and daily. We are proud of our good reputation in the contract manufacturing field, and ready to bring your project to success. If you are looking a contract manufacturing partner from China, please don’t hesitate to contact us.