image of air purifier

Introduction of Air Purifier

With over 20 years of experience at contract manufacturing service, we have lots of experience for air purifier manufacturing. Air purifier is an electronic device that used to remove harmful particles in the air, like dust, pollen, and bacteria. In the air purifier system, it uses an electronic fan to circulate air through a sries of air filters, then remove out harmful air and keep your environment clearly.


How did we work for this project?

  1. Project Quotation: As a low cost of contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China, our offer is 30% of cost lower than contract manufacturing companies. We quoted client in 24 hours after all of the drawing, BOM, and specification were received.


  1. DFM and Design Optimization: Our engineering team worked for the whole design as well single part to see if the design is the most reasonable for both manufacturing and cost. Because there was some imperfections that existed on the early design. Then we helped improved the design and DFM.


  1. Prototyping: After DFM and design improvement, our manufacturing team conducted 3-around of prototyping for both mechanical and electronic, so as to verify the function, fitting, and user feeling or the product. Meanwhile, prototyping is also a useful way to check out defects or imperfects of product.


  1. Plastic Mold Making and Injection Molding: Plastic mold is one of the most critical process to manufacture a product. We have our own mold tooling shop and injection molding factory, it makes us convenient for mold making as well as mold modification. It took 45 days for all of mold making.


  1. Electronic Parts and Metal Parts : We are based on Shenzhen, the most matured manufacturing area in Southern China, it’s very easy to out-source any type of electronic parts and metal parts manufacturers. Even though we do not make everything in house, but we have our cooperative supplier for electronic and metal parts.


  1. Pilot Run : Our production department collected all of material including plastic parts, electronic parts, and metal parts, and made two times of pilot run prior to mass production. In this stage, we troubleshoot some problems that existing on our system and product itself.


  1. Mass Production : Since we are professional contract manufacturing company in China, we get everything ready for mass production. Our manufacturing engineers prepared standard operation procedure for each workstation of flowing-line. QC inspectors check the manufacturing every 15 minutes, Ensure the best quality product we would make.