Product Design and Engineering

Our skilled, experienced and time-served  engineering team combines our manufacturing knowledge and product design skills into a service that helps our clients to design and develop the most competitive products in the market, smoothly and with minimum iterations.

Concept and ID Design

Our project managers plan, schedule, and lead our internal design teams to undertake all aspects of product development, from concept development, through ID and detailing/validation, to finished product. We outline each milestone within a whole-project plan. Our senior product designers and project managers cooperate to plan and refine the design process.

Concept and Industrial design are performed at the very beginning of the development work. We work to provide practical and engineer validated design ID options for the customer to choose from. Our team always works closely with the client, to evaluate the benefits and difficulties of each design concept, in order to help make a fully informed selection. At this early stage, we are careful to evaluate feasibility in terms of both design practicality and Design for Manufacture issues.

Mechanical Design

Being a professional contract manufacturing company, we have a deep understanding of mechanical design. This aspect of product design can have powerful effects on production efficiency and good design can greatly reduce manufacturing costs. Applying the ‘common’ sense of good part/assembly design is critical, to enable easy manufacturing and a high quality product - also, the look/feel of the product will be the first-impression user experience. We generally advise close concentration and a patient approach to this aspect of the design process, rather than pursuing the shorter time to market, of an inferior product design, needing future improvement.

Experience is the only overall way to accelerate product delivery, while avoiding risks. This applies emphatically at the design stage. Our team includes sophisticated and experienced product designers who have15~20 years of deep and varied design experience, ensuring optimized designs are transferred to the manufacturing process.

Our experienced design engineers utilize 3D CAD and simulation software (Pro/E, UG, SolidWorks) creating detailed 3D models of both components and assemblies, to perfect product function, fit and strength of components and fixings. Unlike other product design companies or contract manufacturers, we use rigorous and state-of-the-art 3D modeling procedures, to make each feature adjustable and easy to change. In cases where there are design modification demands, we can quickly modify simple parameters to change the 3D models rapidly. We undertake high grade dynamic analysis (in the 3D software) for all products that contain movement or force transmission structures - e.g. linkages/hinges, gears, bearing, wheel, engine, etc.

For client IP protection confidence, our product design documentation is strictly managed, accessible only by senior management team and the client/product core engineering team.

Material Choose

Material selection is a critically important process that usually makes the difference between a good and a great product. With deep knowledge in all areas of engineering material properties, our professional development team can help our clients to select the most practical and economical materials and finishes from the wider range of options. In cases where the product design is provided by the customer, we will still recommend appropriate material changes to clients, when we perform our DFM and value engineering processes for the customer’s design.

While choosing a material, we will have to consider material price, properties (flowability, machining-ability, stability, shrinkage, strength, etc), and accessibility. Here below are some common sense for most of common products:

  • Outer Case: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PP, PS, PA6, PA66, TPE, TPU.
  • Thick wall Parts: TPEE, PET
  • Thin wall Parts: PVC, PC,
  • Moving Parts: POM, PA6, PA66,
  • Clear Parts: PC, PP, PS, PVC
  • Highly Temperature or chemical resistance: PI, PPS, PBI, PA46, PSU, PPO, PEEK, LCP

Our Team

We understand that a strong team is the core factor that boosts any project and avoids schedule and technical risks. Inno Manufacturing has a clear vision in building a strong team. At present, the Inno design team consists of 1 General Manager, 3 Project Managers, 1 QC Manager, and 6 project engineers. All of them have at least 15 years of experience in the product manufacturing and product development sectors. Several have long work experience at global top 500 companies, before joining Inno. This is why we are confident that our service to our clients is flexible, optimal and capable.

Each of our team members has a clear career plan to encourage and reward continuously improving both their personal capabilities and their team. At Inno Manufacturing, we develop comprehensive job training plans for each staff member, helping them to create company value and realize personal goals successfully.

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