High Level and Affordable Mold Making Services

Our mold making team consists of rich-experienced mold makers and designers who used to work at some big mold companies for over 20 years, this is why we can deliver high level mold making services. Meanwhile, our affordable mold cost is as lower as $1000~$3,500.


Comprehensive Mold Making Capabilities

As one-stop contract manufacturer, we have our own mold making shop in-house, which is well-grouped with 25 experienced mold makers and 5 mold designers, we make 300~400 sets of new molds per year, which includes one shot mold, two-color mold, over-molding mold, stamping mold, and die casting mold.

Starting from part DFM, mold design, to fulfilment of mold manufacturing. We are committed to delivering most precision, durable, and affordable mold tools for worldwide clients.

Here below are some specification we offer:


  • Our Mold Making Standard: Hasco, DME, HEB, STRACK, OPITZ,EMP, LKM, FUTABA, etc.
  • Mold Life: 500,000~150,000 shots(Depending on manufacturing volume)
  • Mold Cost: $1,000~$2,500 for single structure mold, $3,000~$5,000 for medium complexity molds, $5,000~8,000 for high complexity molds.
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01~0.05 mm available
  • Lead-time : 15~20 days for single structure mold, 25~35 days for single structure mold, 35~45 days for high complexity molds.
  • Industries worked: Automotive, medical and beauty, home appliance, industrial, outdoor and sports,
  • Plastic Resin worked: PC, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PMMA, PET, PVC, PA, POM, TPE, TPU, PPS, PPO, etc.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our Mold Design


Plastic injection molded Parts are very commonly used for nearly every products in the world.  High quality molded parts come from high quality mold tools. With over 20 years of mold making experience, Inno manufacturing make variety of mold tools for many industries. We categorized the mold tool into following applications:



Outer case or enclosure Mold

Inno manufacturing has over 20 years of mold making experience, we make 30~50 molds per month. Our in-house mold team designs and builds most precision, durable, and affordable plastic case or enclosure molds that widely used in the automotive, medical, electronics, industrial, home appliance, sports and outdoor products. Here below are some critical checkpoint for outer case mold or enclosure mold:

  • Appearance: We strive to make perfect mold tool without any appearance defects
  • Color: Customized color based on client's requirement(Pantone No. available)
  • Dimension: We check physical dimension via CMM, project, Micrometer, caliper, ect.
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01~0.05mm available
  • Fitting: We do full product assembly test when we perform parts qualification of molded products.

Structural Part Mold or Interior Part Mold

Every year, we make many complex plastics mold for the customer from the UK, European and the USA.

  • Arm Part
  • Gear Mold
  • Worm Part
  • Thread Part
  • Housing Mold
  • Lens Mold
  • Valve Part
  • Holder Part
  • Sleeve Part

Functional Product Mold

Some of molded parts do not require secondary process, rework, or assembly, and they can be directly used for final products after molded. However these mold tools must be made with good appearance, high strength, and cost-effective.

As a professional contract manufacturer, we received variety of functional products mold per year. Here below are some typical products we worked:

  • Plastic Chair Mold
  • Plastic Cup Mold
  • Container Mold
  • Plastic Bottle Mold
  • Plastic/Metal Hanger Mold
  • Cosmetic case
  • Medical Appliance Mold


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How We Do Quality Control?

  • Work Instruction

    20-year Mold Design Experience

    Our in-house mold designers have over 20 years experience in designing variety of mold. We will ensure the best balance at mold cost, mold life, and mold accuracy. 

  • steel

    First Class Mold Steel

    We use first class mold steel, like S136, S136H from ASSAB (Sweden) ,1.2083, 1.2316 from DIN(Germany),NAK55, NAK80 from DAIDO (Japan), LKM718H, LKM738H from LKM(China)

  • milling-machine

    State of the Art Equipment

    We invested over US $6.5M at deploying high accurate mold making equipment that imported from Japan, Germany, and Switzerland(4 Sodick Slow-wire Cutting Machine, 8 CNC machines, 15 Charmilles EDM machines, 8 Grinding machines,  2 CMM)

  • worker

    Experienced Mold Maker

    With great company mission, we concentrated a 25 experienced mold makers who have worked in the mold making field for over 20~25 years. This is how we are confident to challenge any type of mold tool.

  • detective

    Accurate Mold Parts

    We inspect and monitor the whole mold quality from EDM copper, mold sliders, lifters, and other mold accessories. 

  • Systematic Mold Trial

    We get finished mold tested for at least 2~3 rounds before we move over the mold to mass production. and avoid any flash, sink mark, short shot, deformation, scratch, dirty, marks, and so on.

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Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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