Mass Production

Once our customers approved production trail samples, we plan, schedule, and arrange our production immediately, so we can meet customer's  lead-time timely.

Effective Mass Production Service

You might note that it's not easy to find a suitable and reliable contract manufacturer or custom product manufacturing company in China, because a small or medium size manufacturing companies run business as not as consistent and reliable as a large ones do, however a large manufacturer must have more running cost, which result in high cost in the offer that many startups or small business can not afford it. On the other hand, the large manufacturer can different provide higher quality products, but less flexible services compared to small one.

Inno manufacturing takes our mission to help small and medium size companies to make products end-by-end. We concentrate sophisticated engineers, experienced operators, valuable supply chain to make cost lower, quality consistent, and flexible manufacturing service.

We work projects from design assistance, engineering, verification, production trial, mass production, to logistic services for global clients. For the moment, we have 80 well-trained operators in-housing for use. If you have any mechanical and electronic project, please just feel free to contact us.

What Makes us Different?

  • flexibly

    Highly Flexible for Any Order

    To cater different manufacturing requirement, we accept small volume with , high product-mix, custom pack, dispatch for different shipping destination. 

  • help

    Free Design Assistance & Refine

    In order to help those clients who have less experience on product manufacturing field,  we participate their product design process and provide most refined solution for free. 

  • Design

    Cost-free for Product Development

    If needed, we help client to design and develop new product from idea to finished products. As long as the production leave our factory, we will not change the design cost. 

  • mold

    Cost Free for Mold Tool

    If any large volume of production, we will not charge the mold tool cost from customer, which means customers only pay for the finished products. 

  • repair

    Free Mold Tool Maintenance & Repair

    For any mold tool that leaves at our factory for production, we provide free service for mold tool maintenance and modification(if the modification does not change the mold structure). 

  • Sourcing

    Free Sourcing Service

    If any components we could not manufacture directly, we will help clients to source it for free. and will be responsible for the product quality, lead-time, and service for those outsourcing products.

How We Work?

Order Confirmation

Each of our project starts from evaluation, quotation, deposit, mold tool making, to assembled products. However, at the early stage of a , it's very important to confirm with customers on order quantity, product specification, quality criteria, lead-time, and logistics, so that we can arrange everything in advance, and keep project  on  budget, on time, and  under control. Our dedicating project managers work with customer closely to make sure the following factors confirmed:

  • Order Quantity
  • Product Specification(including 2D/3D drawing, material, color, appearance, critical dimensions, function, packaging method, etc)
  • Quality Criteria(including dimension inspection, appearance, packaging test, etc)
  • Lead-time
  • Logistics(Shipping address, shipping time, Types of shipping method, packaging method, etc)
Golden Sample & Specification Confirmation With Customer

As we know, product quality, quantity, cost, and lead-time are four key factors for an outsourcing manufacturing. To meet customer's quality requirement, the first thing we need to do is to confirm product specification and get golden sample signed from customers. If there are any query of quality issue, we will definitely compare with golden sample at the first time. In this way, it can greatly avoid some primary mistakes of pitfall while mass production. Here below are some critical checkpoints that we should confirm with clients:

  • Which version of design drawings to follow up while mass production?
  • What's the lead-time?
  • How many manufacturing volume?
  • What are those critical quality checkpoints?
  • The way of packaging?
  • Which shipping option to use?(air shipping or ocean shipping)?
  • Will customer use their own forwarder or use Inno's?
Parts Manufacturing, Sourcing, and Inspection

Once customer's requirement and product specification confirmed, it's time to get all of parts, components, and material prepared for assembly use. We do injection molded parts, CNC machining parts, and other mechanical parts in house directly, it's better for us to control product quality and lead-time. For die casting parts, metal stamping parts, or standard parts, we have stable sub-supplier that we have worked with for a long time. Meanwhile, we get their material, facility, and manufacturing process well-monitored. To provide customer a consistent and total-satisfied products, we worked out a very reliable parts manufacturing procedure as below:

  • Engineering verification before mass production(check out fitting, appearance, function, dimension, etc).
  • Issue a latest engineering document to manufacturing department(SOP, Drawing, and golden sample)
  • Technical and quality training to operators, QC, and technician.
  • Routine inspection every 15 minutes including dimension, appearance, and function.
Production Plan and SOP Set up

A proper production plan makes every manufacturing factors good use and deliver high quality products timely. Our production manager plan, schedule, and arrange production plan according to customer’s forecasting and confirmed order. During this stage, all of material, tools, components, workstations, operators, and QC will be clearly arranged for mass production use. Meanwhile, our production engineer will setup standard operation procedure for workers and QC to refer to. A written SOP will put in front of each workstation, which is a useful visual reference to avoid any operational mistakes or pitfalls.

Assembly, Testing, and Packaging

Product assembly is one of the vital process to produce high quality product, as long as we started for mass production. Our line leader, QC, technician, production engineer stick on line to guide and guarantee the production running in the right foot. While production process, our process QC check out product quality every 15 minutes from each workstation, and make sure there is pitfall moving to next step of process. and get the full assembled products to be checked out via product function, appearance, and dimension.

We provide custom packaging service as needed. The packaging could be from customer specified supplier or by our cooperative partner. Where even who provides the packaging material, we will make sure the products would be packed with safe, good looking, and economical way. If needed, we can do vibrate test, drop test, and transportation test for customers.


Logistics is the last step of a contract manufacturing service, Inno manufacturing, based on Shenzhen China, with well-developed shipping network, we can ship products quickly to worldwide destination via air shipping, ocean shipping, and high speed train shipping, normally we suggest customers to use air shipping for only those products are very urgent, light weight, and small size, and use ocean shipping for heavy, large size, and less urgent products. Train shipping is a kind of economic way to save shipping cost.

  • Air Shipping(DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc): Fast delivery with 4~7 Days to arrive, but it's very expensive.
  • Ocean Shipping(by ship): Slow delivery with 25~35 days to arrive, it's much cheaper than air shipping
  • Train Shipping: Slow Delivery with 20 days to arrive

Looking for a Mass Production Company in China?

Our sophisticated team, state-of-the-art facility, and profound experience will succeed your project confidently!

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