Intelligence Property(IP) Protection

IP protection is our first job for our clients. We don't sell products, nor disclose customer's information to anyone without clients' approval.

We guarantee any of customers' information is 100% safe while working with us!

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As a contract manufacturing service provider, we never own or sell any products! This avoids any appearance of conflict, never putting us in the position of having divided loyalties.

Every client worries about their IP safety when they find a contract manufacturing partner. This is something we totally understand and we consciously act to secure all your data and IP. None of our clients will ever see their products or design disclosed or stolen through any action or omission of ours.

Prior to starting our business, we had a clear company position that committed to provide first class contract manufacturing services for global SMEs and startups, and established brands, never seeking to possess or sell any products of our own.

Because Inno manufacturing never have our own products nor sell our own or anyone else's products, we will never be in a conflicted position in relation to any customer's products or design. It is equally true that two customers with similar or related products will never know of the others use of our services, never see the other product and never benefit by release of the others IP. Clients who come to us don't need to worry about their IP safety while doing business with us - we are your secure guardian.

Strict Confidential Agreement with Our Employees

To prevent our employees disclosing or stealing customers' information, product, or material, we enter very strict and enforced occupational confidentiality agreements that make both legal obligation and economic consequences, in case of accidental or deliberate breach.

In the agreement, our employees are only allowed to use particular or partial customer's information as their work requires. All of the customer's information, drawing, samples, prototype, and products are strictly managed by our senior management team, which means most of our employees have no access to obtain customer's information individually.

Because of the non-compete clause in these agreements, all of employees are restricted from working for any other contract manufacturing companies for a period of 5 years after leaving Inno Manufacturing, nor allowed to work for any companies that are our existing customer's competitors.


Legal Agreements with our Customers

As a professional contract manufacturer, we are deeply aware of the importance of IP protection. This is why we always encourage our customers to have an NDA or MMA in place, before providing any information to us, including any confidential content, clearly delineating the responsibilities of each party, and the consequences of breach.

To give our customers better confidence on IP protection, we internally developed a systematic procedure that clearly defines our detailed process as to how to protect a customer's IP. Generally all of our internal team has only partial access to customer's information. Here below is a brief outline:

  • Basic Contact Information: Available only to our sales team
  • Drawings (2D, 3D, specifications): Available only to assigned design engineers and manager
  • Original Samples or Prototypes: Available only to assigned design engineer and manager
  • Production Sample: Available only to QC, QA
  • Customer's Patent: Available only to design manager.
  • Customer's competitors: Known only to project manager or general manager

Legal Agreement with Our Supplier

We know sometimes our sub-supplier or cooperative partner might steal our customer's information without us being aware. This is a potential risk to our undertakings to the customer and their IP. To prevent this, we sign strict confidentiality agreements with each of our sub-supplier - agreements that detail significant consequences in case of breach.

All drawings, samples and products are not sent to any other party, outside for Inno. All  scrapped parts, samples and products are always retained or destroyed by us.

In the agreement, we require agreement to significant financial and publicity consequences, in case any supplier breaches any aspect of the agreements regarding our customer’s information. Legal measures offer a strong disincentive to breach, acting as strong protective measures towards customer IP.


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