With over 20 years of contract manufacturing experience, we make low power electric products with UL, IEC, and EN62368 quality standard.

Our manufacturing facility is based on Shenzhen China, with our own mold tooling and product assembly line, we work flexibly to produce diverse kindly electronic and mechanical products. At moment, we have 80 people of full time employee, 12 sets of injection molding machine, 6 sets of CNC machines, 1 SMT machine, and 1 automatic production line.

Product Specification:

  • We designed and manufacture this heater for both floor and table top use, it is very convenient for home heating system.
  • The heating volume is adjustable for low, middle, and high power, meanwhile it’s free of noise.
  • Remote control design, it’s convenient to operate when you are on bed.
  • Overheating design and harm-proof design are applied on this product.
  • CE, FCC, UL safety standard.

Project Challenge:

The most biggest challenge for this project is about overheating control, at the very beginning, we encountered overheating problem for prototypes and pilot run products. But we specially engineered and added an automatic control component inside the system. Now the product can be used for long time and safely.

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5 UL

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