Electric Drill

We are professional contract manufacturer for electric drill manufacturing, we make 200,000 pcs of electric drills per year for our US and Europe clients.

Contract Manufacturing for Electronic Drill

Inno Manufacturing company acts as a one stop contract manufacturer and OEM manufacturer, we worked this electric drill project for a Canadian clients in 2005, this projects takes about 6 months from prototyping to mass production. As an one stop contract manufacturing and OEM company in Shenzhen China, we transferred customer’s design drawing into final products.

This electric drill has much stronger power than traditional drills even though it’s a battery power. Since it is lithium-lon battery,  it’s a good tool for drilling through or screwing in wood, metal, and plastic. Meanwhile this drill is a very low noise tool that can be used many public regions.


Design Optimization:

At every beginning, our client took his design to talk to us that he wanted to manufacture this electric drill, however we found lots of design problem existing on the product.  We helped to checked the fitting, material choosing, product appearance, and found the design needed to be optimized. Our engineer check the parts one by one, as well as the 3D assembly model. On the other hand, we make the parts structure better for injection molding and machining. Then send the updated drawing for customer review.



After design review and optimization, we made 3 times of prototype for this project. It greatly helped us to check out the fitting and product function. Most of these prototype parts are made from CNC prototyping, instead of 3D printing. Because CNC prototyping really gives accurate dimension and excellent surface.


Pilot Run

We conducted a 150 sets of engineering building(pilot run) after prototyping process. Our manufacturing engineers and product designers stayed on the assembly line, and operated all of the assembly process in person, this is a good way to troubleshoot and optimize for design. If any engineering change needed, we will update our drawing(both 2D and 3D drawing), ECN, and other control document.

Mass Production

After all of product defects are overcome, our production department will prepare everything ready for mass production. Starts from material collection, worker training, fixture / equipment locating, QC inspection, to final products assembly. We make every process standard and process inspected so as to avoid any operational mistakes. This is a effective way to reduce defective rate. We are doing our best afford to provide lowest cost and high quality products to clients. If you are finding professional contract manufacturers in China, then we will be your good choice.

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