Electric Brush for Clean Use

As a professional contract manufacturer for electro-mechanical products, we are able to design, engineer, and manufacture various type of electric brush with consistent quality, high out-put, and competitive price.

Custom Contract Manufacturing for Electric Brush

Being a professional contract manufacturing service provider, we serve global clients with high quality contract manufacturing services. Our core expertise at electro-mechanical products enables us to make electric brush project smoothly and quickly. Our high skilled engineers and operators work through from product design, engineering, prototyping, tool making, injection molding, until product assembly.

Our clients for electric brush are mainly from Ecommerce, local brand, and other business runners. We manufacture and ship the ready-to-sell products to client's door.


What's the manufacturing process for electric brush?

Step 1: Mold tool making

Mold tool is the "product mother", the first step to manufacture a electric brush is making the mold tool upon a design is verified and finalized. Mold tool normally includes injection molding tool, stamping tool, and die casting tool. it depends on your project complexity. Most of time, we only make plastic mold and stamping tool for electric brush, which takes about 4~6 weeks to finish, however some high complex mold tool takes longer time to finish.

Step 2: Part manufacturing

Prior to product assembly, we have to get all of parts or components manufactured for assembly use, which includes PCB board, plastic parts, and metal parts. the lead-time depends on production volume.

Step 3: Quality Inspection

Whatever outsourcing parts or in-house manufactured parts/material/components, our quality department must check out their function, dimension, appearance. and make sure all of them are made in accordance with our designed specification.

Step 4: Product Assembly

Based on user experience and product function, we assemble all of parts/components together correctly and appropriately. Our in-house assembly lines are facilitated with 300 skilled employees include operators, QC, technician, engineers, and managers.

Step 5: QA Testing

Our quality department monitors, inspects, and control the whole manufacturing process from incoming material to finished products. all of parts/material/components/finished products would be 100% checked based on AQL and SPC quality standard.

Step 6: Packaging and Logistics

Once the products is full inspected by our QA inspector, we pack all of the assembled products with customer specified packing solution. and ship the final products to customer's destination via air shipping(DHL, UPS, TNT, etc), ocean shipping, or other shipping process.

How to customize your project with us?

  1. Consultation-Send us inquiry email or give us a call to discuss with your project in details(NDA is available)
  2. Quote- We will quote for your project in 1~2 days upon we receive your request.
  3. Place an order- Finalize your order by an formal PO with down payment to kick off.
  4. Production-We make mold tools, parts, and full assembly unit based on a PO.
  5. Delivery-We ship the finished products to clients by air shipping, ocean shipping, or other specified shipping.
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