Product Design and Engineering

Our profound engineering team combines our manufacturing experience and product design skills, helping clients to design and develop the most competitive products in the market smoothly and nicely. 

Concept and ID Design

Our project manager plan, schedule, and lead our internal design team to work projects throughout concept, ID, structure, to finished products. We outline each milestones in the whole project. Our senior product designer create the whole picture of design process.

Concept design and ID design are performed at very beginning of a design work. Basically we will provide three design IDs for customers to choose. Certainly our team would work closely with clients to evaluate the pros and coins of each design concept. At the same time, we will carefully evaluate feasibility for both design possibility and manufacturing-ability.

Mechanical Design

Being a professional contract manufacturing company, we deeply understand mechanical design the most powerful way to improve production efficiency and decrease manufacturing cost, there is a common sense goes that mechanical design is ten times importance before manufacturing. We prefer to spend ton of energy on mechanical design process rather than pursing the time to market and leaving imperfection design for future’s improvement.

As we know, experience is the only way to speed up project and avoid risks. So does for design job. We hired very sophisticated product designers who have at 15~20 years of solid design experience, which ensure a fantastic design would be transferred to manufacturing process.

Our experienced design engineer utilize the 3D software (Pro/e, UG, Solidworks) creating detailed 3D model of both part drawing and assembly drawing to check out product function, fitting, and parts strength. Unlike other product design companies or contract manufacturers, we use standard 3D modelling procedure, and make each features adjustment and changeable easily. In case there is a design modification demands, we can easily modify some dimension and change the 3D drawing very quickly. Meanwhile a dynamic analysis by 3D software for all of products that comes with movement or transmission structure. For instance, gear, bearing, wheel, engine, etc.

For IP protection reason, our product design drawing is strictly managed, which is accessible by only senior management team and core engineering team.

Material Choose

Material is also one of most important process to success. With deep knowledge in all kind of material properties, our professional engineering team help clients to choose most practical and economical material for right products. Even though some of product design was provided by customers, we will still recommend some suitable material to clients when we perform a DFM process for customer’s design.

While choosing a material, we will have to consider material price, properties (flowability, machining-ability, stability, shrinkage, strength, etc), and accessibility. Here below are some common sense for most of common products:

  • Outer Case: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PP, PS, PA6, PA66, TPE, TPU.
  • Thick wall of Parts: TPEE, PET
  • Tink wall of Parts: PVC, PC,
  • Movement Parts: POM, PA6, PA66,
  • Clear Parts: PC, PP, PS, PVC
  • Highly Temperature-resistance: PI, PPS, PBI, PA46, PSU, PPO,

Our Team

We understand strong team is the core factor to boost project and avoid risks. Inno manufacturing has a clear sense to build strong team. At present, Inno team is grouped with 1 general manager, 3 project mangers, 1 QC manager, and 6 project engineers All of them have at least 15 years of experience at product manufacturing and product development industry. few of them had a long work experience at global top 500 companies before. This is why we are confident to serve our clients confidently.

Each of our team member has a clear career plan to continuously improving both their personal capability. At Inno manufacturing, we have comprehensive job training plan for each staff, which makes them to create company value and realize person goals successfully. 

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Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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