Contract Manufacturing Services

What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a kind of outsourcing manufacturing service between the company and their outsourced manufacturer(contract manufacturer). The manufacturer provides custom manufacturing service for the company under an agreed manufacturing contract and specification, this service could be parts manufacturing, assembly, small runs, or mass production. For example, Apple company finds Foxconn to manufacturer Iphone, so Foxconn is a contract manufacturer of Apple

The contract manufacturer earn a certain percentage of profit by providing this kind of manufacturing service, and the company owns the finished products and product trademark, product, and intellectual property.

Contract manufacturing services could be parts manufacturing, product assembly, or mass production. In recently years, the contract manufacturing service trend to participate product design and development stage, which means the company might just has a idea/concept, which requires to design, develop, and manufacture for ready-to-sell-products. The contract manufacturer works the whole process to make it reality.

Why Use Contract Manufacturing Services?

contract manufacturing1. Best Choice for Startups and Small Businesses

Most of startups and small business have less experience and resource on product manufacturing field, it’s risky if they set up their own manufacturing facility and hire people to manufacture products by themselves. On opposite, it’s a smart choice to work with contract manufacturers and avoid those risk.

2. Cost and Labor Saving

If you want to set up your own manufacturing facility, it costs a lot to invest work site, machines, tools, and office area. Meanwhile the labor cost is also another big expense for many companies, especially for US and Europe companies. However, you can save those cost while you work with a contract manufacturer.

3. Energy Saving, Business focus-on

For many reasons, most of companies do not want to set up their own manufacturing facility, but working with contract manufacturers directly. In this way, it saves their energy so as to focus on their marketing more efficiently.

4. Higher Quality Products

Perhaps you are not a manufacturing expert, but you don’t have to be!

Many companies lack of manufacturing experience, if they directly manufacture products by themselves, they must not be able to obtain higher quality product compared to professional manufacturers.

5. Shorter time to market

If you are startups or small business runner, you may jump from trouble to trouble everyday. Getting a product manufactured is not a simple job, it takes time, energy, experience, and resource. If you want to manufacture products by yourself, you might take longer time and get worse result. However, working with contract manufacturer could speed up your project progress a lot.

Our Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Product Design, Development, and Engineering

designAs one-stop contract manufacturer, we also provide product design and development services to those clients who just have a product concept or idea, and need someone to help realize their thoughts to "ready-to-sell" products.

We have an 15 people of product design and engineering team who have over 20 years of experience in the new product design and manufacturing field, we are confident to help clients to make their dream to come true.

Most of time, we engineer, manufacture, and follow up customer's design drawing to finished products. Making sure the best quality products to be manufactured all the time.


PrototypesPrototyping is a very practical method to verify product function and fitting, we are facilitated with CNC machines, SLA, 3D printing machines in house for prototype creation. We accept pure prototype work, or full product manufacturing.

Per our experience, whatever how perfect your design might be, we always encourage customer to perform some prototypes verifying their design. Per our experience, a new-designed products should undergo 3~5 around of prototypes. If in case, any imperfection or defect found, we can refine our design quickly, instead of modifying mold tooling while later stage. That’s also being said, prototyping process can greatly prevent design fault and avoid unnecessary engineering change.

Parts Manufacturing

While contract manufacturing process, as long as the prototypes are prepared, all of design matters should be identified and fixed. It’s time to get all of parts to be manufactured so as to be prepared for mass production. During this process, all of mold tooling, fixtures, and PCB board should be created. Particular for injection mold, metal stamping mold, and PCBA fixture.

Before moving all the parts to mass production, all of parts must be qualified by both FA inspection and incoming material inspection. At Inno, we routinely check out parts dimension, appearance, as well as parts fitting for each lot of parts production. Ensuring all of parts are completely in accordance with design specification.

Engineering Building, Small Run, and Mass Production


As soon as all of parts are manufactured, it’s necessary to create 5~10 sets of engineering buildings, which is actually used to inspect all of parts, material, and process are correctly performed. If any defects or imperfection found, we can correct it quickly, instead of leaving defects to latter. On the other hand, a 100~200 pcs of small runs should be performed to verify production system. By means of pilot run, we can identify our SOP and repeatability. Before kicking off a mass production, our operators, technicians, QC must be well-trained with professional skills and knowledge, a SOP instruction is a basic written document laying aside of operation station, which ensures every one knows product specification and quality criteria.


Quality Control

quality controlQuality control should be fulfilled throughout the whole process of product design and manufacturing. Our experienced QC team participate the early stage of product design and engineering  process, and outline specific quality standard and quality plan for individual products.

Inno manufacturing, an ISO 9001 certificated company, we take strict quality control from raw material to finished products, We perform AQL quality standard for all of incoming material/parts, process, and assembled products. Making sure our clients will receive higher quality products from us.

Industries We Served

Medical & Beauty, Home Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Sports & Outdoor, Automotive Electronics

As a professional contract manufacturers, we mastered rich experience on diverse kind of industries, like medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc. 


Our one-stop contract manufacturing capability allows us to provide clients prototype, part manufacturing, assembly, packaging, logistics, as well as new product development.


We take strict quality control from raw material to finished products. Each components and process must be checked before moving to next step, ensuring clients will receive best quality products from us as possible!

picture of facial massaging device

Medical & Beauty Products

Inno manufacturing provides contract manufacturing service for medical and beauty products based on customer design and specification., Although we are not a big medical contract manufacturers, but we are capable for precision and reliable medical products manufacturing, like examination chairs, seating, workstations, massage tool, derma roller, etc.

  • DFM Analysis(Structure check, material suggestion, fitting and using simulation)

  • Prototyping(Fitting check, reliability verification, using simulation)

  • Manufacturing( Parts, assembly, packaging, test)

  • Certification(ISO13485, CE, FCC, TUV, SUD, etc)

Home Appliance

We customize home appliance for clients who provide concept, design, or physical samples. We work through from design, engineering, prototype, parts manufacturing, to finished products. All of our products comply with CE, FCC,UL and other electronic standard. Here below is what we have worked for :

  • Air Purifier

  • Tea Maker

  • Juice Maker

  • Agitator for Food

image of air purifier
image of VR Headset

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics changes frequently, there are lots of hots sells products very year. When we do contract manufacturing services for clients, it requires fast time to market. We need to get mold tooling and finished products in one month or even shorter.

  • Phone Charger

  • Microphone

  • Smart Phone

  • Wearable VR

Our Contract Manufacturing Process

  • Lighting

    Step 1: Design & Engineering

    We are capable of designing new product, as well as engineering existing design to concept to finished products, ensuring each products we made are in accordance with customer's specification.

  • Ceiling Fan

    Step 2: Prototyping

    Prior to initiating a project, we fulfill physical prototype to verify product design, product development, or engineering change. It greatly avoid mistakes and decline defective rate.

  • Generator Set

    Step 3: Parts Manufacturing

    During the parts manufacturing process, we qualify, inspect, and monitor each components manufacturing process based on design specification.

  • Wiring

    Step 4: Pilot Run

    Before mass production, we usually perform a 100~200 pcs of small runs to verify our system. If needed, we can tweak our process quickly.

  • LED Bulb

    Step 5: Mass Production

    While running a mass production, our IPQC, technicians, and production engineers monitor and manage the whole process efficiently

  • Electric Insurance

    Step 6: Quality Assurance

    We strictly perform AQL quality standard for all of incoming material, process, and finished products.

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Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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