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Inno manufacturing is a professional contract manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, the most famous region of innovation and manufacturing, offering one-stop product development and mass production services for electro-mechanical products in application of wide industries, like automotive electronics, beauty and medical devices, AI & Iot products, industrial products, laboratory equipment, and so on.

Founded in 2001, certificated with ISO9001-2008 quality system, our manufacturing facility covers about 6000 square meters in size. At present, we have 350 well-trained staff including project managers, product designers, operators, QC, and logistic staff. we work through project from design to manufacturing. And ship the best quality products with responsibility of mind.

Why Choose Inno?

In-house Manufacturing

We make all of parts, components, and assembly in house, which enables us efficiently control product quality and lead-time.

On Schedule

We plan, schedule, and arrange our projects proactively. 97% of our projects can be delivered punctually.

Flexible & Dynamic

Our flexible and dynamic services accept design change, combination package, and dropshipping after placed an order.

Our Capabilities

Unlike brokers or other contract manufacturing organization who might re-deal your orders with other real factories for manufacturing. Worse quality and delay are inevitable. However Inno makes all of components and assembly in house. Getting product quality and lead-time well-controlled as better as required.

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Custom Mold Making

With in-house mold design and manufacturing team, we make accurate and durable molds in accordance with EDM, EMP, HASCO, FUTABA mold standard. All of our molds have at least 500,000 shots of life warranty, and we provide free mold maintenance and storage services for all clients.

Plastic parts
Plastic Injection Molding

Our injection molding shop is well-equipped with 15 sets of automation injection machines from 50T~450T,  that makes high quality plastic parts with weight of 0.5g~1.5kg. The plastic resin we used includes PC, ABS, POM, PA6, PA66, PET, PMMA, PPS, PPSU, PP, PE, PVC, etc. 

Metal Fabrication

We make accurate metal parts CNC machining parts and sheet stamping parts with tight tolerance as 0.01~0.03mm based on customer's requirement. Our IPQC perform SPC quality evaluation when first article qualification, and check out product dimension and appearance every 10 minutes during mass production process.


Starting projects from engineering, prototyping, rump up, to volume manufacturing, we help clients to do SMT assembly, turnkey box build, and full electronic components assembly. Our FQC perform a full testing for all of electronic parts we made.

contract manufacturing production
Product Assembly

At present, our product assembly department is facilitated with 2 assembly lines and 120 operators. It's estimated to produced 3,000~5,000 pcs of simple assembly pieces, and 1,500~ 3,000 pcs of medium complexity assemblies.


From package design, sampling, to volume production, we customize both inner box, master carton, pallet according to customer's requirement. Making sure all of products we made would be safety-packed and delivered.

What Makes our Process Better?

Good process is the key to succeed project risk-freely and efficiently. We rather than spend lots of time to engineer and verify a design before moving them to mass production, otherwise there will leave pitfall or disaster to production. Here below is our main contract manufacturing process.

1: Engineering & Prototyping

When we take over a contract manufacturing project from clients. Our profound engineering team works with clients closely to identify and verify their design intention, product function, and using condition as clear as possible. Meanwhile we will make 1~3 times of prototypes to check out design reliability, cost saving, assembly convenience, etc. Here below are some breakdown for our engineering and prototyping work we do:

  • Feasibility evaluation
  • 3D structural review
  • Component fitting check out
  • Parts material evaluation
  • Assembly process review
  • Design for failure model analysis
  • Cost-down review
2. Mold & Parts Manufacturing
3. Engineering Build & Pilot Run
4. Mass Production
5. Quality Control

Facility Tour

As a professional contract manufacturer, we facilitated with our own mold tool shop, injection molding shop, CNC machining center,  sheet stamping shop, etc. Which enables us to provide high quality, punctual, and flexible services.

Mold Tool Design
mold shop
Mold Making Shop
metal stamping
Metal Stamping
welding shop
Ultronsonic Welding Line
CMM Inspection Room
CNC Machining
CNC Machining Center
electronic shop
Testing Room
Molding shop
Injection Molding Shop
mass production
Product Assembly Lines

Basic knowledge that you should know about contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a popular outsourcing manufacturing model that a hiring company source a certain parts, components, or full assembled products from a manufacturer under an agreed contract, which particularly used by startups and medium-small sized companies to focus on their core energy in the marketing and branding, instead of obtaining the large amount of capital and energy to run a manufacturing facility.

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