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Electro-mechancial Products Contract Manufacturing

Inno manufacturing is a highly professional and deeply experienced Contract Manufacturer located in Shenzhen China. This is the main centre of innovation in the country for manufacturing, offering one-stop product development and mass production services for electronic and electro-mechanical products across the full spectrum of industries. We work in automotive electronics, beauty and medical devices, AI products, industrial products, laboratory equipment, and much more.

Founded in 2001, fully accredited with ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, our manufacturing facility covers 6000 square meters. Our 300 plus highly skilled staff includes project and product managers, product designers, QC engineers and logistic staff. We serve in whatever capacity your project requires, from design to manufacturing and warranty/service. We make your product the best that it can be, offering peace of mind through exceptional service and support.

Why Choose Inno?

In-house Manufacturing

We manufacture all tooling, components and assemblies in house, enabling us to tightly and cost effectively control product quality and lead-time within our own domain, reducing variances to a minimum.

On Schedule for All Clients

We plan, schedule, and arrange our projects proactively. For the past 20 years, over 95% of the projects we commit to the clients are delivered on time and on budget - and variances are flagged early.

Flexible Agile

Our responsive and dynamic services stand ready to accommodate design changes, and we can handle modifications to drop shipments after order placement, by negotiation.

Our Capabilities

Unlike brokers or most competitor Contract Manufacturing organizations, who use a deceptive front and then re-deal your orders to other factories for manufacturing, with us you get what you see. Brokers inevitably offer lower quality and less reliable schedules. Inno makes all of your components and assemblies in house, delivering product quality and lead-time that are well-controlled, as you require.

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Custom Mold Making

With our highly skilled in-house mold design and manufacturing team, we make accurate and durable mold tools - using our own EDM, EMP, HASCO, FUTABA equipped facilities. All of our molds are warranted to minimum 500k shot life, and we provide free mold maintenance and storage services for all clients.

Plastic parts
Plastic Injection Molding

Our injection molding shop is well-equipped with 25 sets of automated injection machines from 50T~450T. We provide high quality plastic components with weights between 0.5g~1.5kg. By applying with high grade raw material and optimisation of machine settings, We offer you peace of mind and exceptional quality of parts, every time.

Metal Fabrication

We make impeccable metal components by CNC machining and sheet metal stamping, maintaining tight tolerances to suit each component’s precise specifications and  requirements. Our IPQC performs SPC quality evaluation at first article qualification, and evaluates critical dimension and appearance at agreed sample rates, during mass production processing.


Handling PCBA production from schematic level upwards, we provide full spectrum engineering, prototyping, ramp up and volume manufacturing. We help our clients through SMT assembly, turnkey box build, and full electronic components assembly. Our FQC performs full work in progress testing and final functional testing for all PCBa production.

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Product Assembly

Our product assembly department has 2 full scale assembly lines and 120 dedicated and capable operators, with flexibility to increase this as required. Peak throughput for typical simple products is 3,000~5,000 pcs, and 1,500~ 3,000 pcs of higher complexity assemblies.


Our services range from simple to complex package design, sample production and testing, to volume production. We are able to customize both inner box, master carton and pallet according to customer requirements. We can offer green and normal material options, including molded card and expanded foam inner carton shock structures. Our experience and capabilities deliver safely packed and market attractive product.

What Makes our Process Better?

Good process is the key to success in delivering any project risk-freely and efficiently. We see the value in spending the time to engineer and verify a design before moving on to mass production, otherwise there will be pitfalls or disasters affecting production, when delays are much more costly. Below we detail our main contract manufacturing processes.

1: Engineering & Prototyping

When we take over a contract manufacturing project from a client, our skilled engineering team works closely with them to identify and verify their design intention, product function, and use conditions as clearly as possible. Generally we will make 1~3 prototypes, to check out design reliability, cost saving, assembly convenience, etc. Below are some stages in our engineering and prototyping work broken down:

  • Feasibility evaluation
  • 3D structural review
  • Components fit / interference checks
  • Parts material evaluation
  • Assembly process review
  • Design for reliability, model analysis
  • Cost-down review
2. Mold & Parts Manufacturing
3. Engineering Build & Pilot Run
4. Mass Production
5. Quality Control

Facility Tour

As a professional contract manufacturer, we facilitated with our own mold tool shop, injection molding shop, CNC machining center,  sheet stamping shop, etc. Which enables us to provide high quality, punctual, and flexible services.

Mold Design
Mold Tool Design
Laser Cutting
mold shop
Mold Making Shop
Metal Stamping
welding shop
Ultronsonic Welding Line
CMM Inspection Room
CNC Machining
CNC Machining Center
electronic shop
Testing Room
Molding shop
Injection Molding Shop
mass production
Product Assembly Lines
our CE
new fc
5 UL

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