Contract Assembly Services

What is Contract Assembly?

Contract assembly is a kind of outsourcing process that happens between the product owning company and its hired manufacturer(the contract assembly manufacturer), the manufacturer assembles sub-components or full-assembled products for their clients under an agreed contract or specification.

Contract assembly services is the best choice for startups and small companies, by using contract assembly, the companies can greatly save cost and energy, as well as avoiding investment risk.

On the other hand, many companies want to protect their IP and separate their products manufacturing into many different manufacturers, for example, parts are manufactured by manufacturer A in Europe, but product assembled by manufacturer B in China, but the final package is processed in USA.

Benefits of using contract assembly

contract assembly

  • Lower Running Cost

By working with an outsourcing contract assembly service, it greatly avoid investing capital on facility space, machines, workers, tools, assembly lines, etc.

  • Cost & Energy-Saving for Labor

Assuming you don’t set up your own assembly facility, you would save both facility cost and labor cost, as well as avoiding spending energy to hire, train, and manage the whole manufacturing team. So that you can focus on your core business on branding or marketing.

  • Fast Turnaround

Instead of running the assembly process by yourself, the professional contract manufacturers have matured managers, engineers, workers, and QCs who are very experienced in product manufacturing and assembly. And they plan, fulfill, and hit customer’s deadline timely.

  • Higher Quality

Most of business runners have less manufacturing experience compared to professional contract manufacturers, as the manufacturers have more experience and matured quality system. So working with contract assembly services can definitely obtain higher quality products.

Things you should consider on contract assembly

Supply Chain Management

  • IP protection

IP protection is always one of the most important concern for any business, everyone wants to protect their products to be stolen or copied. Prior to releasing any information to a contract assembly partner, making sure you have safety IP protection measure to prevent your product from stolen.

  • Trustworthy

Trustworthy could stand for many aspects that determines if the manufacturer is reliable or not. In order to attract more business, many manufacturers act a good impression to new customers, once you finalized your cooperation with them, they might care less about your business, but grapping more orders. So finding a good “mouth words” manufacturer is the vital to your outsourcing contract assembly service.

  • Capability

You can check the manufacturer’s capability via factory tour, business certificates, or asking for customer reference. Meanwhile experience is also one of the most important aspect to check if the manufacturer can do your project very well, since the experience is the only way to speed up project and avoid risk on time and cost. When you check out the capability of manufacturer, you should make a checklist to score them and sort out most competitive candidates.

  • Communication

Communication is so important to any business, especially for international contract manufacturing business. A practical communication can avoid mistakes and improve project efficiency. Any drawings, specification, samples, orders must be communicated clearly to avoid misunderstanding. All oral communication should double confirmation before taking any action.

What We Do?

We accept contract assembly service from clients while they provide us components, and we fulfill assembly, packaging, QC, and logistics based on customer's specification.

  • Parts Collection(from customer or other manufacturers)

  • Parts quality and quantity verification

  • Parts Sourcing(if customer could not provide physical parts)

  • Components Assembly

  • Packaging

Plastic Products assembly

Plastic Products Assembly

We provide plastic products assembly services including screwing, mechanical snap-on, ultrasonic welding, gluing, packaging, and logistics services. Depends on product complexity and customer requirement(like lead-time, efficiency, and quality), we will choose either manual or automatic assembly process. Whatever which assembly method we use, quality assurance will be our top priority.

Plastic Products we are able to work for:

  • Injection Molded Parts(ABS, PC, PP, POM, PS, PA, PVC, PMMA, ect)

  • Silicone Products

  • Blow Molding Parts(PP, PS, etc)

  • Extrusion Products

Metal Products Assembly

We also provide metal products assembly services including screwing, welding, tubing, sheet forming, mechanical fitting, packaging, and logistics services.

Compared to plastic parts assembly, metal products assembly requires experienced operators to use relative fixtures, tools, or equipment, as the metal assembly needs precision in dimension. Otherwise there will be a big defective rate or assembly difficulty, so all of process must be inspected by QC frequently(15 minutes or shorter).

Here below is our metal works capabilities:

  • Screwing

  • Drilling

  • Welding

  • Forming

  • Stamping

Metal Parts Assembly
Mechanical products assembly

Electronic-Mechanical Product Assembly

For many reason, some of our clients would require us to assemble a full products, but they would provide components or material from other region or other manufacturers, in this case, we have act as a project manager and product assembly provider, we collect, count, inspect parts from others. and do final product assembly in-house of our factory.

Here below is our value-added services for full product assembly:

  • Parts Sourcing/collection

  • Quantity and quatity control

  • Design Improvement Suggestion

  • Supply Chain Management

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Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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