Contract Assembly Services

Our contract assembly service is available for individual assembly work while customer sending us components, and we fulfill assembly, packaging, QC, and logistics based on customer's specification.

Custom Assembly Services

Inno manufacturing is a professional contract manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, with ISO certificated facility and 20 years of manufacturing experience. We offer high quality contract assembly services while clients provide us components or raw material. Our assembly facility is well-equipped with both automation line and manual assembly line.We guarantee your products are made with the highest quality, repeatability, and accuracy in manufacturing.

We provide three options for contract assembly services:

  • Option One: We provide all of components, and get them fully-assembled.
  • Option Two: We provide partial components while customer has some of their own parts, and we perform product assembly service
  • Option Three: The clients send us all of components, and we help to process logistics, quality inspection, warehousing, until full assembly.
plastic parts

Plastic Products Assembly

We provide plastic products assembly services including screwing, mechanical snap-on, ultrasonic welding, gluing, packaging, and logistics services. Depends on product complexity and customer requirement(like lead-time, efficiency, and quality), we will choose either manual or automatic assembly process. Whatever which assembly method we use, quality assurance will be our top priority.

Plastic Products we are able to work for:

  • Injection Molded Parts(ABS, PC, PP, POM, PS, PA, PVC, PMMA, ect)

  • Silicone Products

  • Blow Molding Parts(PP, PS, etc)

  • Extrusion Products

Metal Products Assembly

We also provide metal products assembly services including screwing, welding, tubing, sheet forming, mechanical fitting, packaging, and logistics services.

Compared to plastic parts assembly, metal products assembly requires experienced operators to use relative fixtures, tools, or equipment, as the metal assembly needs precision in dimension. Otherwise there will be a big defective rate or assembly difficulty, so all of process must be inspected by QC frequently(15 minutes or shorter).

Here below is our metal works capabilities:

  • Screwing

  • Drilling

  • Welding

  • Forming

  • Stamping

metal assembly
new electronics assembly

Electronic-Mechanical Product Assembly

For many reason, some of our clients would require us to assemble a full products, but they would provide components or material from other region or other manufacturers, in this case, we have act as a project manager and product assembly provider, we collect, count, inspect parts from others. and do final product assembly in-house of our factory.

Here below is our value-added services for full product assembly:

  • Parts Sourcing/collection

  • Quantity and quatity control

  • Design Improvement Suggestion

  • Supply Chain Management

Final Logo

Inno Manufacturing, a high quality contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from parts to finished products.

Our sophisticated team brings a vast experience for a variety of industries including medical & beauty, home appliance, consumer electronics, sports & outdoor, automotive, etc.

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