Water Meter

With over 10 years of water meter manufacturing experience(from mold tooling, part manufacturing, to finished products), we serve US and Europe water brand with contract manufacturing services.

Project Story:

In 2010, a German clients found us to make plastic parts for water meter, we make mold tool and plastic parts for their assembly use. because of our high quality injection mold and molded parts, this client decided to leave full products manufacturing at our facility for production.

As a professional contract manufacturer, we quickly built SOP, BOM list, and quality checklist for each workstation, and run production smoothly in 3 months after couple of pilot runs.

Project Challenge:

The biggest challenge is to make highest precision of metal and plastic components, as the interior structure a meter requires accurate position to gear deployment. We use CMM checkout our mold tool and injection molded parts. Making each parts in a 0.02mm of tolerance.

Why choose us as your contract manufacturer?

  • Over 10+ years of contract manufacturing experience on water meters
  • In-house mold making and injection molding shop, we are free to repair and maintain all of molds we made.
  • Fast turnaround, we can ship 3,000~5,000 finished meters per day.
  • 100% quality inspection for all of meter before shipment.

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Looking for a reliable contract manufacturing partner?

Our sophisticated team, state-of-the-art facility, and profound experience will succeed your project smoothly!