Soap Dispenser

With high precision metal and plastic appearance, We provide one-stop contract manufacturing service with strong engineering capability for soap dispenser manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing for Soap Dispenser:

We are an ISO9001 certificated factory with over 20 years of contract manufacturing experience. We provided turnkey contract manufacturing service for this soap dispenser client. Working through of prototype, engineering, injection molding, metal parts fabrication, electronic manufacturing, until final product assembly. We take strict quality control including part manufacturing, assembly process, and completed product. All of our finished products comply with CE, FCC, UL quality standard.

Our Engineering Capability:

We are one-stop contract manufacturer with strong engineering capability for diverse kind of industry. At present, we have 15 people of engineering staff including product designer, project manager, manufacturing engineer, QC manager, and logistic manager. Among them, there are 5 senior designers who are very sophisticated with mechanical design and electronic design. Most of them has over 15 years of experience, which enable them to master a board capability at product structure, material choosing, and manufacturing process. Our project managers work with client end-to-end meet customer’s target at product quality, cost, and dead-time. Help client build best product and business reputation in the market.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  1. Since we are direct China contract manufacturer instead of trading or foreign companies, and we don’t have too much administration cost and commissions for brokers, So our offer will be much cheaper than other contract manufacturing companies.
  2. We are not a big factory, we save lots of unnecessary operational procedure, this makes us to work flexibly, most of time respond customer’s request in 24 hours, this is some big companies can never achieve.
  3. We have strong engineering capability, we can provide one stop OEM/ODM service from concept to finished product with short project time. We can transfer your design to market quickly without loosing quality control.
  4. Unlike other Chinese contract manufacturers( they might steal your design or do copy), We are 100% warranty of your IP protection, as we take customer information and IP protection top confidential.
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Our sophisticated team, state-of-the-art facility, and profound experience will succeed your project smoothly!