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Custom Contract Manufacturing Company

Inno manufacturing, a professional contract manufacturer in Shenzhen China, providing high quality contract manufacturing services for global clients.


Founded in 2001, certificated with ISO9001-2018 quality system, we work project through from engineering, prototyping, pilot run, to mass production. Ensuring every product we made is completely in accordance with customer's specification.


We continuously meet and exceed customer’s expectation at cost, quality, and timing targets.  

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Vast industry experience, 350+ projects served!

Since 2001, we have been playing as a high quality contract manufacturer for worldwide client, and we have served 180+clients from 25 countries worldwide. The industries we worked as:

  • Medical & Beauty Device

  • Home Appliance

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Iot Products

  • Sports and Outdoor Products

  • Automotive Electronics

Contract Manufacturing Services

Full Services from parts, assembly, QC, packaging, to logistics.

Contract Assembly Services

We perform assembly, QC, packaging according to client's spec.

Contract Parts Manufacturing

Available for plastic parts, metal parts, and electronic components

  • Lighting

    Design & Engineering

    Our sophisticated engineering team is able to design and engineer projects from A to Z. 

  • Ceiling Fan


    Prior to initiating a project, we fulfill physical prototype to verify product design, which greatly help client to refine products.

  • Generator Set

    Parts Manufacturing

    During the parts manufacturing process, we qualify and inspect each components based on design specification.

  • Wiring

    Pilot Run

    Before mass production, we usually perform a 100~200 pcs of small runs to verify our system. If needed, we can tweak our process quickly.

  • LED Bulb

    Mass Production

    While running a mass production, our IPQC, technicians, and production engineers monitor and manage the whole process efficiently

  • Electric Insurance

    Quality Assurance

    We strictly perform AQL quality standard for all of incoming material, process, and finished products.

Why Choose Us?

1. Strong Manufacturing Capability & Resource

Since 2001, we have been playing as a professional contract manufacturer for 20 years, we accumulate rich manufacturing experience, people, and sub-supplier resource in application of automotive, medical & beauty, home appliance, sports and outdoor, consumer electronics, etc.  Whatever your manufacturing request might be, we will always be able to find solution with low cost, high quality, and quick turnaround services.

As you know, we are located in Shenzhen China, a worldwide manufacturing harbor that is grouped with ton of manufacturing factories, you can find manufacturers or supply chain in this region easily. In case there is some projects that is beyond our in-house manufacturing capability, we will suggest you or we work with our cooperative partner to help you out.

2.  We make cost transparent, no hiding fee!

When your project is ready for manufacturing, you might be able find lots of contract manufacturing companies in China to manufacture it. However there could be some trick or risk when you find a new partner, as some of manufacturers just want to attract you by quoting lower and impossible price, and put some hiding cost or adding cost once you paid for order deposit, in this way, you have no choice except for compromising.

At Inno manufacturing, we quote everything in details and make cost transparent, that’s being said, anything we charge that had been included in the earlier quotation process, so you will never be cheated or over-charged if you deal with us.

3.  We care about quality all the way, instead of more profit!

Compared to product quality, most of Chinese manufacturers would disregard product quality and pursue more profit as possible. However we, Inno deeply understand product quality is the core value for any business, and we emphasize our commitment to providing customer top quality products as possible, instead of more profit!

From project consultation to logistics, we evaluate, design, engineering, control, and manage each step to ensure higher quality product to be manufactured.

We focus on one-stop custom contract manufacturing services from design, engineering, prototyping, to finished products.

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